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TCA Publishes Tech Note on Tilt-Up Lifting Timelines using Reactive Bondbreakers

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Members may download a complimentary copy of the full tech note here.

As anyone involved in any facet of construction can attest, rare is the occasion when a project proceeds from beginning to end without some sort of adjustment to the schedule. From weather-related interruptions to regulatory issues, any number of unforeseen, uncontrollable events can contribute to frustrating and costly delays. 

This seems to be especially true for those of us in the world of tilt-up construction, where everyone is seemingly waiting on the answer to that one vital (and never-ending) question, “How soon can you get those panels in the air?”  

But what if the question asked was different, “We need to shut this job site down, how long are we safe leaving these panels in place and be able to still come back and lift them safely without extra effort?”  Now, in the midst of current global events, the impact at state and local levels have construction teams on site asking even more timeline questions than ever before. In the tilt-up world, we may find ourselves now asking entirely different questions– “Will the panels still release from the slab properly and how long do we have until that is a concern?”

When using tilt-up bondbreakers today, there’s a bit of good news. If your construction timetables have shifted with recent events closing job sites or for any schedule condition that causes a delay to the panel erection schedule, you can take comfort in the ability for a bit of chemistry to put time on your side.

To communicate the science behind this issue and address several issues contractors must account for, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association announces the publication of a new tech note, “Reactive Bondbreakers Utilize Chemistry to Extend Lifting Timelines: Understanding Science, Application Techniques, and Interactions to Ease the Anxiety of Unpredictable Tilt-Up Construction Schedules.”

The publication, authored by Derick Rainey, Tilt-Up Market Segment Manager at Nox-Crete, Inc. and edited by James Baty, FACI, FTCA, Manager for Technical and Regulatory affairs at TCA, is complimentary for members and available at In a time filled with great uncertainty and ever-changing timelines, it’s good to know that, with a high-quality, reactive bondbreaker, proper application techniques and a bit of scientific knowledge, your panels will be ready for you to lift—whenever that may be.

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