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Explore Social Networking with TCA

By: Jim Baty

One of the most important member benefits of TCA is the networking with other members to discuss the best practices, innovative approaches and products, as well as share valuable information. While TCA offers several opportunities for face-to-face network, including the annual convention in Amelia Island, Florida from September 30 – October 2, we also offer members a chance to network several times a day through our TCA group on the social networking site LinkedIn.

It is nearly impossible to flip through a magazine or listen to the news without references to social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or blogs. Many have resisted these new networking outlets because they are thought of as something for the younger generation or not relevant to the business world. However, social media is proving to provide an excellent forum for sharing best practices in the business realm as well as keeping in touch with colleagues and industry peers on a regular basis.

The TCA has identified this as a real opportunity for your membership. In short, the economy has every company tightening their budgets. Firms have drastically reduced, or even eliminated, the funds set aside to put you in a meeting away from your day-to-day business affairs. And yet, this same economy has made the necessity or the hunger for networking all the more significant. Whether seeking new employees or perhaps new job opportunities, the pressures of unemployment being up, budgets being much tighter and most companies cutting back to stay afloat has created a need to look further and more aggressively than ever before. We also know that the biggest need is information. What are your peers doing? How have other markets captured the rare job or found new markets? Where has technology improved the tightening bottom line? These and so many other questions are what many companies are finding at their fingertips. Therefore, we have taken steps to create this very opportunity in a group dedicated to our association and industry.

Where you might stumble your way into some networking opportunities, many are by invitation only or have restrictions to participation. We want you to recognize the value of your TCA membership further; therefore, we have established a group on the social networking site LinkedIn titled Tilt-Up Concrete. Our new group is restricted to member companies only as well as our industry-marketing partners. It is very simple to join and gives you the opportunity to join the conversation on some important industry topics. After creating your own free account, you simply need to type that group name in the search function and then request to join the group with the link or button provided. We’ll do the rest and then you will begin receiving communications as discussions take place. You may also start and contribute to discussions as you find the need.

So if you could make more business contacts sitting in your office or home, would you? If you are a current member of the TCA, why would you not want to join this online community? If you were a member or have never been a member of the TCA, I’d suggest that this is the most real way to get started today in discovering the power of this association.

Tilt-Up Concrete at LinkedIn is your dedicated industry network hosted by  your Association where you can post job openings; hold online discussion about a product, market or business opportunity; ask technical questions or find solutions to problems; or get quick updates to events or seminars, etc. The ideas are endless depending on how you use the site to your own advantage. We chose LinkedIn because of the quality and popularity, but also because it is so easy to use and maintain the security of our controlled network. Once you’ve joined our group, there will be others you’ll no doubt find of similar interest like ACI, ASCC or perhaps a local group. The possibilities are endless.

You can also follow the latest developments from the TCA on twitter @jbatyTCA.

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