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Meet TCA’s Canadian Advisory Board

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Members of TCA’s Canadian Advisory Board at the recent Tilt-Up Nexus event in Toronto, joined by TCA’s Executive Committee and Executive Director (left to right): Jeff Knoblauch; Len Overbeek (chair, secretary, TCA); Mark Stevens; Rick Galloway (vice president, TCA); Matt Brunt; Dylan James; Justin Reitz; Barclay Gelbel (past president, TCA); Sean van Rassel; Mitch Bloomquist (executive director, TCA); Nicole Overbeek; Karen Hand (president, TCA); and Bruce Walck.

In a strategic move aimed at strengthening its presence in the Canadian tilt-up construction sector, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) introduces the distinguished advisors comprising the newly formed Canadian Advisory Board. This development underscores TCA’s commitment to enhancing grassroots engagement and fostering excellence in pivotal markets, all while upholding global standards of quality.

The formation of the Canadian Advisory Board comes in recognition of the rich tapestry of regional variations within the Canadian tilt-up sector. Just as TCA has successfully highlighted unique practices and region-specific knowledge in the United States, this initiative aims to spotlight the distinctive characteristics and expertise found in Canada. These advisors—with their collective focus on innovation, sustainability, and industry growth—are poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of tilt-up construction in Canada. This article offers a glimpse into the visionaries leading this transformative effort and driving innovation within the Canadian tilt-up industry.

Len Overbeek (Chair)

President – Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Len Overbeek, president of Tilt Wall Ontario Inc., is a distinguished influencer in the tilt-up industry. His passion lies in education, design, and innovation. He’s among the Top 20 Industry Influencers and serves on the TCA Executive Committee, shaping the future of tilt-up construction.

Matt Brunt (Advisor)

Partner, VP of the Construction Products Division – Bird Stairs

Matt is a partner and VP at Bird Stairs. He has been with the company since 1993, holding various positions. Matt is dedicated to the company’s success and promotes accountability. He is involved in industry-related boards and associations.

Dylan James (Advisor)

Structural Engineer – Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Dylan James transitioned from welding and steel erecting to structural engineering. A 2017 graduate of BCIT, he specializes in tilt-up and structural steel design at Krahn Engineering Ltd. He’s a founding member of TILT, and is passionate about engineering and innovation.

Jeff Knoblauch (Advisor)

President – RAM Construction

Jeff Knoblauch became president of RAM Construction in 2016, implementing streamlined operations and accountability. His diverse career within RAM has prepared him for this role. Jeff focuses on company-wide goals and innovation.

Nicole Overbeek (Advisor)

Marketing Director – Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Nicole Overbeek, marketing director at Tilt Wall Ontario Inc., brings a deep-rooted passion for tilt-up construction to her role. Beyond marketing, she builds a community around tilt-up, spreading awareness across Ontario. Nicole believes in the strength of her company’s employees, adding a personal touch to their core values.

Justin Reitz (Advisor)

President – RiteTech Construction Ltd.

Justin Reitz is the President of RiteTech Construction Ltd., and brings a background starting as a carpenter. He leads the company with a hands-on approach, driving innovation and diverse projects. Justin is passionate about tilt-up construction and collaborates with industry leaders to shape its future.

Bruce Walck (Advisor)

Principal/President – Powers Brown Architecture

Bruce Walck serves as the president of Powers Brown Architecture, guiding the firm through architectural challenges and expanding its international influence. His portfolio includes diverse projects, and his innovative approach to tilt-up construction has contributed to the firm’s success. Bruce is known for his collaborative nature.

Mark Stevens (Advisor)

Vice President of Operations – B.D. Stevens Limited

Mark Stevens, VP of operations at B.D. Stevens Limited, brings over 12 years of tilt-up industry experience. A founding board member of TILT, he’s trusted by clients and advocates for tilt-up construction. Mark’s expertise extends to water treatment tank design and feasibility.

Sean van Rassel (Advisor)

Director of Business Development for Engineered Products – Dayton Superior Canada Ltd.

Sean van Rassel, director of business development at Dayton Superior Canada Ltd, has a four-decade career in the concrete industry. His active involvement in industry committees and organizations improves construction and safety standards. Sean is dedicated to advancing the concrete industry.

The establishment of the Canadian Advisory Board by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association marks a significant milestone in the organization’s mission to foster excellence, sustainability, and growth within the Canadian tilt-up construction sector. With the guidance of these visionary advisors and the support of TCA’s dedicated community, the future of tilt-up construction in Canada promises to be both innovative and impactful. Stay tuned for exciting developments and transformative initiatives as TCA and its Canadian Advisory Board continue to shape the landscape of this dynamic industry.

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