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Contribute to the Development of an Owners Maintenance Manual for Tilt-Up Buildings

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Tilt-up buildings are renowned for their remarkable durability and resilience, making them a preferred choice in the construction industry. However, like all structures, even these robust buildings require regular maintenance to safeguard their value and sustained performance.

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) is thrilled to announce the formation of a dedicated task group with a mission to create an invaluable resource for owners of tilt-up buildings. This task group’s primary objective is to develop a comprehensive “Owners Maintenance Manual,” providing a roadmap for maintaining and caring for tilt-up wall panels, and ensuring these impressive structures continue to excel.

The “Owner’s Maintenance Manual” will serve as a guide for identifying and planning regular maintenance items specific to tilt-up buildings. It will offer insights into:

  • Maintenance Guidelines: Providing practical advice on inspecting, cleaning, and safeguarding tilt-up wall panels to extend their lifespan.
  • Evaluating Structural Integrity: Offering guidance on assessing panel conditions, including when to consult a structural engineer for a professional evaluation and when simple repairs can be made.
  • Modifications and Flexibility: Exploring best practices for modifying panels while maintaining structural integrity and discussing how to plan for future changes and expansions.
  • Geographic and Temporal Considerations: Recognizing the unique maintenance needs based on geographic location variables and the era of construction, acknowledging the evolution of codes over time and in different locations.

This initiative welcomes TCA members and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including construction, design, engineering, and manufacturing related to tilt-up panels. Together, we’ll shape industry standards and best practices, enhancing tilt-up panel maintenance expertise and promoting the longevity of these structures.

To express your interest in the TCA “Owners Maintenance Manual” Task Group, please complete the application form linked below. Join us in building a stronger future for the tilt-up industry—one well-maintained panel at a time!

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