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TILT-UP TODAY, a publication of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA), is the source for tilt-up industry news, market intelligence, business strategies, technical solutions, product information, and other resources for professionals in the tilt-up industry. 

“As we celebrate the publication’s 30th year, we want to express our gratitude to our advertisers, some of which have been advertising with us since day one,” said Mitch Bloomquist, executive director of the TCA. “Dayton Superior had the very first ad in the very first issue of Tilt-Up Today, and their brand continues to have a strong presence in every single issue,” said Bloomquist. “Advertising companies are not only placing their brand at the forefront of their industry, but they are supporting the association’s ability to distribute important news to the entire tilt-up community.”

In honor of the publication’s 30th year, the TCA connected with some long-time advertisers to get a behind-the-scenes look into their participation efforts and the reasons behind them. 

TCA: Why do you advertise in Tilt-Up Today?

Connect-EZ: “[For] product exposure but also to support a great publication that serves our industry.” 

Dayton Superior Corporation: “Dayton Superior’s Superior Tilt group understands the value in the content and brand visibility we receive by advertising in such a well-read publication as Tilt-Up Today, where those in the tilt-up community turn [to] for the latest industry news and association information.”

Extollo: “TCA is the industry leader in tilt-up worldwide, and as TCA members doing really cool and innovative stuff in Haiti, we want to share the news with the tilt-up industry—and Tilt-Up Today is the place to do that.” 

Leviat: “As the leading voice for the tilt-up concrete industry, the TCA and the Tilt-Up Today magazine are ideal channels for Leviat to reinforce its position as a sustaining member of the association and [as] a market-leader for products and services for other organizations and professionals in the industry.”

TCA: Does advertising in Tilt-Up Today increase your brand awareness within the tilt-up community? 

Connect-EZ: “Yes, we believe it does. Consistent branding builds recognition, validity, and awareness.”

Dayton Superior Corporation: “Yes. Having a consistent presence in Tilt-Up Today not only increases brand awareness for our Superior Tilt group, but also demonstrates our commitment to supporting the publication and the work of the TCA.”

Extollo: “Definitely. Through our ads, and presentations at the TCA Expo, the tilt-up community is learning about us and our work, and how they can join us in changing the construction industry in Haiti [while] changing lives in the process. Tilt-Up Today is where we all go to learn about what’s happening in the industry and Extollo is able to contribute to that conversation.”

Leviat: “We believe that advertising in Tilt-Up Today does strengthen our brand awareness within the tilt-up community because the magazine features work from and is read by many of the leading firms in the industry. The extensive list of TCA member companies—and the fact that those companies’ employees are receiving the magazine quarterly—make our ad placement an easy decision each year. Additionally, we feel that the magazine’s elevated style, attention to detail, and breadth of topics is a perfect reflection of our brand and our focus on providing comprehensive, precise, detailed solutions.”

TCA: What advertising strategies does your company use to bring awareness to your brand?

Connect-EZ: “[We strive for] impactful messaging. We are focused on the labor savings. Labor is such a huge challenge in today’s market.” 

Dayton Superior Corporation: “Consistency and content [that is] tailored to the interests of the audience are key to developing and maintaining brand awareness.”

Extollo: “We use social media, emails, print media, and presentations—but face-to-face meet-ups and word of mouth is what connects us most meaningfully to those who work with us. Our engagement with the TCA—Expo, Tilt-up Today, etc.—gives us the best exposure to those who, like us, believe strongly in the power of tilt-up to build a better future.” 

Leviat: “While Leviat does use its ad space to announce new products, we are more interested in reinforcing our long history of innovation in the industry, the decades of experience of our manufacturing and engineering teams, and the comprehensive suite of products and services that we offer. For us, the message is always about the depth and scope of ways we can help our clients and project partners succeed.”

TCA: Do you recommend advertising in Tilt-Up Today if you have a product or service for the tilt-up industry? 

Connect-EZ: “Yes, consistent branding/advertising builds recognition, validity, and awareness.” 

Dayton Superior Corporation: “Yes. By advertising in Tilt-Up Today, you have the benefit of knowing your message is reaching the right audience rather than hoping your message reaches the right audience.”

Extollo: “Definitely. As I mentioned above, the TCA, and its main publication, Tilt-Up Today, is the international leader in the tilt-up industry and where the “magic” happens when it comes to connections, community, and information.”

Leviat: “Leviat considers the TCA to easily be the most prominent community for tilt-up construction professionals. As the public voice of that community, the TCA’s Tilt-Up Today publication [provides] a great opportunity for advertisers to increase awareness of their offerings.”

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