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Tilt-Up Concrete Association Announces the Retirement of Janette Barr, TCA’s Office Manager since 1997.

Janette inquired about an open position in the fall of 1996 and officially started in January of 1997. At that time, the Association resources consisted of a small, bi-monthly newsletter, an annual conference, and a gathering during the World of Concrete. Communications were mostly by fax, phone, and mail, and membership was processed solely by company check.

“When I first hired Janette, she didn’t have much experience, but she was a fast learner. I immediately took a liking to her sense of humor,” states Ed Sauter, TCA’s Executive Director from 1994 to 2016. “She had a good rapport with most of our association members and I could often overhear her laughing as she conversed with them.”

During her time, the Association has experienced unparalleled evolution. Membership waxed and waned through the roaring part of the 2000s, the crippling Great Recession, and the return to the strong growth of recent years. Resources have exponentially grown with numerous manuals and technical products, websites, online education, and certification programs to benefit the member organizations. Events have multiplied in number, attendance, and complexity.

“When I stop to consider how this Association was managed in the late stages of the last century to what it is now, I can hardly believe the challenges she has faced,” states James Baty, TCA’s manager for regulatory and technical affairs. “Janette has managed the Association across four transitions in data management in addition to all the resources, transactions, communications, and schedules. She has learned, relearned, and taught many new faces of these systems.”

“Janette has had her hand on every single piece of this association for a very long time. Her impact cannot be measured, and her leadership will certainly be missed,” states Mitch Bloomquist, executive director for TCA. “She managed her way through challenging times, fantastic highs, and incredible change as part of a demanding team.”

Janette is wished the very best as she now transitions her focus back fully on family and the many rich areas of her life interests.

Congratulation cards and messages can be sent to Association headquarters at PO Box 204, Mount Vernon, IA 52314, and will be delivered to Janette.

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