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TCA and Dayton Superior to Offer Private, In-Office Certification Training and Exam

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to the certification processes of organizations and individuals relying on in-person testing and continuing education. While some options for remote testing have been available, many of those facilities remain closed. The situation has resulted in unintended expiration of existing certifications and significant barriers to achieving new certifications.

In an effort to alleviate this disruption, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA), with the support of the American Concrete Institute and Dayton Superior Corporation, is announcing a tour of private, in-office training and exam opportunities for the tilt-up industry. Through a combination of virtual and in-person instruction and exam administration, companies are able to host employees in their own space for the tilt-up 101 certification preparatory course and for the ACI/TCA tilt-up supervisor and technician certification exam.

Interested parties can learn more at and register online, communicating the requested date and location for their event.


There are numerous benefits to hosting private exams for employees in their own workplaces. By reducing expenses associated with travel/lodging and other costs of remote testing, and by eliminating time away from the jobsite/office, private exams can be more economical for many groups. 

Additionally, throughout the years we have seen convincing evidence that the performance of individuals in familiar settings is much improved over more formal settings or testing centers. Many people experience anxiety and reduced confidence when taking exams. Testing in a familiar setting with close colleagues eases many of these issues. Having an open dialogue between the examinees and examiner can also aid in calming nerves. In these settings, questions are encouraged.


In nearly every business, certifications are necessary to identify commitments between employees, customers, and quality control—and the construction industry is no exception. Certification programs establish standards for education and ensure dedication to quality through rigorous evaluation and verification processes. For individuals, certification goes beyond training by providing tangible measurements of knowledge and experience. For companies, certification plays an important role in developing and maintaining a qualified workforce, and demonstrates commitments to benchmarks for quality, safety, and business performance.

“A significant investment in tilt-up education efforts related to certification has been an interest of Dayton Superior for years,” said Mitch Bloomquist, executive director for the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. “Their leadership understands the value of certification and they are starting with themselves, seeking tilt-up certification for a majority of their sales, technical, and executive teams.”

“As a leader in the tilt-up industry, Dayton Superior is proud to partner with the TCA on an exciting initiative to have our Superior Tilt team become ACI/TCA certified,” said Shawn McNamara, PE, director of business operations, tilt‑up, for Dayton Superior. “At Dayton Superior, we believe certification promotes excellence and experience, not only within our company, but throughout the industry. This partnership and substantial investment between Dayton Superior’s Superior Tilt team and the TCA is a testament to each organization’s commitment to the tilt-up industry’s success, safety, and portfolio of work.”

“I, along with the rest of the Superior Tilt team at Dayton Superior are eager to further expand upon our industry experience and knowledge. Once the process is complete, our group of certified professionals—composed of representatives from our Executive, Engineering, and Sales teams—look forward to promoting this very important program within the industry.”


Dayton Superior has dedicated themselves to the program through the certification of a significant portion of Dayton Superior tilt-up personnel by April 1, 2021. Additionally, they have pledged the availability of ACI/TCA tilt-up certified Dayton Superior personnel to serve as proctors for private certification events across the United States and Canada. In recognition of this commitment, TCA offers the following benefits to those scheduling private exams through this program:

Discounted rates on “The Construction of Tilt-Up” (study guide) that are not available publicly nor through any other program for program participants

$2,000 off the regular private event rate charged by TCA for program participants

Interested parties can learn more at and register online, communicating the requested date and location for their event.

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