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Gludown Launches Engaging New Podcast – Concrete & Coffee

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GluDown, a construction adhesive manufacturer, launched a brand-new semi-monthly podcast this past April. With its easy-listening style and informative topics, each episode is designed to bring awareness to a new aspect of waterproofing and tilt-up construction – made complete with witty banter, courtesy of host Cliff Saunders. Previous episodes cover topics like the effects of earthquakes on wall braces, best practices when forming, and which collegiate basketball team is truly the best. So far, Concrete & Coffee has had an interview-based format where the host talks with various industry specialists – suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers – who all bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the coffee table.

Why even start the journey to create a podcast? The GluDown team wanted to create an avenue for more personal communication within the tilt-up industry, as well as generating excitement around the tools and tricks of the trade. This medium is educational, informal, and (if we do say so ourselves) entertaining. Participation in Concrete & Coffee has also been a great avenue for smaller companies and contractors to bring awareness to their brands. Participants are typically GluDown partners – companies that have experience using GluDown products.

A big reason why GluDown began Concrete & Coffee was to contribute in a meaningful way to the tilt-up community. Connections have been made between people who otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of each other, forging new professional relationships. So, whether you are warming up your truck or turning on your computer, Concrete & Coffee is a great way to start the day. It will have you “glued”!

Know someone that you think should be featured on Concrete & Coffee? Let us know, and we will get a warm up ready for them.

About Cliff Saunders

GluDown Inc. recently welcomed Cliff Saunders to the GluDown family! You may have seen Cliff on social media, promoting the tilt-up industry and its market, leading members with his viral LinkedIn videos. Cliff is also one of the newest members of the TCA’s Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow.

Cliff hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, with over 10 years of experience in the concrete and construction industry. As the Western U.S. Territory Manager, he will be making sure your tilt-up job is Glu(ed)Down the right way. GluDown Inc. is excited to have him on board with his fresh perspective on the industry.

When asked about why he joined GluDown, Cliff said, “I’ve always had a passion to learn and teach better building practices and knew that if I was going to do more, then I needed to be a part of a team that had the same drive and passion for the industry that I did. GluDown Inc. offered me the chance to help lead that charge with innovative products and a fresh approach to tilt-up.”

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