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TCA Selects Recipients of 2010 Professional Achievement Awards


This award honors Peter Courtois, who died in 1992 after serving as senior vice president of engineering for Dayton Superior Concrete Accessories (formerly Dayton-Richmond Corporation). Courtois, an employee of Dayton Superior for 32 years, immeasurably contributed to the Tilt-Up industry through his diligent effort and dedication to several industry associations. He served on seven ACI committees, most notably the ACI-551 Tilt-Up Construction Committee. In addition, he was a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and served as the initial president of TCA, for which he was made an honorary member in 1991. Past recipients include: Robert Tobin, Dave Kelly, Dr. Koladi Kripanarayanan, Bill Lockwood, Sam Hodges, Bill Simpson, Murray Parker, Bob Truitt, Jesse Wyatt, Don Musser, Tom Collins, Hugh Brooks, Malcolm Davis and Gerry Miller.

As one of the founding members of the TCA, Bob Foley served on the board of directors from 1986 to 1996 and was president of the association in 1988. Prior to his retirement at the end of 2008, he served as president of CON/STEEL Tilt- Up Systems, an international network of general contractors licensed to perform Tilt-Up. During his 34-year tenure with CON/STEEL and its parent company, LJB, Inc., Foley was an active member of the Tilt-Up industry. A licensed professional engineer, he also served on ACI’s 551 Committee and is well known for his efforts to spread the word about the merits of Tilt-Up. In 2007, Concrete Construction named Foley one of the 10 Most Influential People in Concrete. Upon his retirement from CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Systems, he founded The Foley Group, LLC to assist manufacturers in the evaluation, testing and introduction of new products into the concrete industry.

“Bob Foley is a pioneer in the Tilt-Up franchising arena,” said Jim Baty, technical director of the TCA. “Bob helped grow the Tilt-Up industry and energize contractors about the building method. He has been a tireless promoter of Tilt-Up and an active supporter of the TCA for decades.”

“I am honored to be recognized by my peers with the Peter Courtois Memorial Award,” said Foley. “Peter was a good friend and my mentor. He was a driving force in the founding of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association in 1986. I am humbled to be recognized with the industry leaders who have preceded me in receiving this award, and I take great satisfaction in seeing the spectacular advancements the Tilt-Up industry has made over the past 24 years. The leadership and membership of TCA can take pride in their continuing contribution to our ever growing industry.”



This award honors Robert Aiken – a founding father of Tilt-Up construction. Known for initiating a more architectural direction for Tilt-Up, Aiken is credited with the concept of casting panels face-up to provide a medium for developing craftsmanship in the construction method. Past recipients include: Accubrace Shoring, Elmer Payne (Dayton Richmond), Composite Technologies (Thermomass), Scott System, Victory Bear and Tilt-Con.

This award was presented to Textured Coatings of America, Inc. in recognition of their innovative product, COOLWALL®. The TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® Coating Systems represent a revolutionary concept in exterior wall coatings. It is the second time Textured Coatings of America, Inc. has received this recognition, evidencing their continued pursuit of excellence for this industry. Specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat, they can lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints in many colors. Lower exterior temperatures mean lower interior temperatures. This paint system is a significant contributor to the energy performance of buildings and has the potential to greatly impact the sustainable characteristics of Tilt-Up construction.

“Textured Coatings of America, Inc. is very honored to be recognized by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and its members for the TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® System,” said Richard Barnes, Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales at Textured Coatings of America, Inc. “As the Tilt-Up Concrete industry expands, TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® will contribute to the energy efficiency and green building challenges in the construction market.”



Named in honor of Murray Parker who died in 2000, this award was created to recognize a contractor who has significantly contributed to the Tilt-Up industry. Parker was regarded for his development and promotion of Tilt-Up throughout the industry, especially in the Atlantic Provinces region of Canada. As General Manager/ Vice President of B.D. Stevens, Ltd. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Parker is credited with introducing Tilt-Up to an area of the world where many thought it was impossible to use the medium. His contributions and commitment to excellence helped the method gain credibility in the area and paved the way for future Tilt-Up projects. Past recipients include Tilt-Up Systems (S. Africa), Balch Enterprises, L.D. Clark, Citadel Contractors, Hughes General Contractors and Seretta Construction.

Steve Miers has been an avid supporter of the Tilt-Up industry and was a key factor in the growth of the system. Located in a market heavily dominated by precast, Miers instituted site cast Tilt-Up construction on a wide range of projects. In fact, he even acted as the developer on projects to prove the effectiveness of Tilt-Up. He conquered projects of all sizes and shapes, ranging from mini-storage warehouses and private residences to entertainment centers and industrial projects. He helped shape Tilt-Up for the Midwest and redefined the concepts of Tilt-Up applications for many throughout the country. Miers assisted many start-up contractors and offered his expertise on challenging projects across the country.

“I was very fortunate to have served on the Tilt-Up Concrete Association board with Murray for a number of years and considered Murray a good friend and fellow Tilt- Up kind of guy,” said Miers. “It is a very special honor for me to receive this award bearing Murray’s name and I thank the association for this honor.”



The TCA’s Distinguished Architect Award is named in honor of Irving J. Gill. Early in the history of concrete construction, Gill—a prominent architect in Southern California— designed and constructed a house in Hollywood employing Aiken’s method for Tilt-Up in 1912. This led Gill to purchase the patent rights of the bankrupt Aiken Reinforced Concrete Company forming his own Concrete Building and Investment Company. Without the architectural mindset of Gill, the industry may very well have taken a much slower time to rise to its current dominance. His crowning Tilt-Up achievement remains as one of the great early examples of modern concrete, the La Jolla Women’s Club. Past recipients include RMW architecture, Intergroup Architects, Kovert Hawkins Architects, The Haskell Company, Powers Brown Architecture and Kenneth R. Carlson, Architect – P.A.

James M. Williams of AE URBIA and J.M. Williams and Associates, Salt Lake City, Utah based firms, has been selected as the 2010 recipient of the Irving Gill Distinguished Architect Award for his creative and ingenious use of Tilt-Up concrete. He is a licensed architect, structural engineer, civil engineer, professional engineer and LEED AP. Williams is highly respected in the design community and is one of only a few who are both an architect and an engineer. Although he has numerous noteworthy projects, his most recognized is the Clyde Companies Corporate Office Building which transformed conventional Tilt-Up concrete into a refreshing modern class “A” office building with timeless qualities. According to Williams, “The Irving Gill Distinguished Architect Award is my most cherished award to date. This industry only recognizes one architect internationally each year and this year I was fortunate to receive this great honor. I have a talented staff and everyone knows that the construction of any building takes teamwork. It is nice to be recognized for our contributions to the built environment and Tilt-Up construction. We strive to combine both form and function with materials and methodologies and find creative solutions to improving the quality of life.”



The TCA’s Distinguished Engineer Award was renamed in 2008 to honor the career-long commitment by David Kelly of Meadow Burke to the Tilt-Up industry. Kelly retired from Meadow Burke as Vice President and Chief Engineer. He was a longtime board member and past president of the TCA. His innovative and creative engineering ideas led to the construction of hundreds of Tilt-Up projects.

This year’s recipient is Johnson Structural Group, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla. The firm has received more than a dozen TCA Achievement Awards in recent years and has been heavily involved with some of Tilt-Up’s most recognized projects. Noted for always willing to push the elements of Tilt-Up beyond the perceived limits of the system, their award winning designs feature spandrel panels, load bearing multi-story panels, non-load bearing cladding panels and panels that lean out of plane. Their approach to the adaptive use of Tilt-Up makes Johnson Structural Group, Inc. a true reflection of David Kelly’s vision of the Tilt-Up industry.

“Receiving the David L. Kelly Engineering Award was a surprise and quite the honor for both me and my staff,” said Mark Johnson, president of Johnson Structural Group, Inc. “Being relatively young in the engineering and Tilt-Up business (12 years), this award is the biggest achievement we have accomplished to date. Since the company’s inception, we have always had a passion for the Tilt-Up process and have worked with many outstanding Tilt-Up companies to develop new techniques and design ideas. These new ideas are reflective in many of our Achievement Awards and the David L. Kelly award is confirmation that we are making an impact in the industry. We are extremely honored to receive this award from TCA and we are excited about how we see the Tilt-Up industry growing and progressing over the next few decades.”

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