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Message From the Director: TCA Considering Company Certification

You may not like it or agree with it, but our world is becoming more regulated each day. Every industry is regulated to some degree by some entity. Regulation, in principal, is a method of providing some measure of assurance regarding a product or process to get predictable results. Unfortunately, many regulations simply add cost and inconvenience for those being regulated. It is with this background and knowledge that the Tilt-Up Concrete Association is studying the concept of developing a company certification program.

A recent poll of members found considerable support for such and effort and the overwhelming majority felt that if there is going to be regulation, that the industry should play a leading role in its development. Why certify? One impetus is to put our industry on par with other industries we compete with on a regular basis. A case-in-point is the precast plant certification program.

Many specifications require a PCI certified plant in order to bid a project and no comparable program exists
in the Tilt-Up industry. We have a superintendent certification process but that is not good enough in the eyes of some architects and owners. Several respondents to our survey indicated that they were eliminated from bidding because of the lack of a broader certification program for the Tilt-Up industry. Having one knowledgeable person on the job does not necessarily produce a quality product.

A second reason is to set yourself apart from the competition. Quality assurance and safety programs, continuing education, timely payment of obligations, project follow-up and other steps your company takes that other may not, can be documented, reviewed, and verified. If you do more than the competition, you should be recognized for that effort. A company certification program goes beyond embodied knowledge in a single individual, it looks at the entire company for breadth of knowledge, for good construction practices, and then documents and verifies them.

Nearly 50% of the respondents felt that local or national building code jurisdictions or the Federal Government will eventually require company, versus individual, certification. Would you prefer that a local building official or the Federal Government determine the requirements? I didn’t think so! If TCA develops a program it will be
a one with some teeth to it – not simply a process whereby you submit a fee and thereby become certified.
It will have to be if it is to carry the weight and significance desired. But it will also be relevant and realistic.

As a first step, we are establishing a task group to review existing programs and develop criteria for consideration and review. If you would like to be part of this effort (many of you have already volunteered) just let Jim or myself know. We anticipate having a draft document ready to review for our first meeting, which will be held at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas next February. If the board responds favorably, we could be on our way.

Ed Sauter, Executive Director


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