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Member Profile: Tilt-Up Design System, LLC – Building Technology That Werks

By: Wendy Ward

For TCA member Tilt-Up Design Systems (TDS), LLC, “building technology that werks (TM)” is not only their tagline – it is their business. Responding to this call, the firm recently soft launched their innovative, collaborative online application that allows the Tilt-Up industry to design and manage Tilt-Up projects, access resources and find information on technology, codes and regulations. In addition, the software enables users to easily communicate project information between architects, designers, structural engineers, contractors and suppliers through the web-based subscription service. This collaborative technology, called Tilt-Werks®, designs and creates panel drawings for Tilt- Up projects from the entry of dimensional and engineering data. Users will find the software to be very intuitive and does not require separate CAD software to create the panel drawings.

According to Charles Reber, VP, Sales & Marketing for TDS, the software was created in response to a growing desire to streamline the Tilt-Up design and construction process.

“The schedule — from design to construction — is significantly shortened both from the collaborative nature of the web-based application and a single common set of details and drawings that does not require error-prone duplication,” said Reber. “Tilt-Werks is unique in that it creates engineered design drawings instead of just model rendering.”

Tilt-Werks is a fully integrated resource that expedites the construction of Tilt-Up projects from preliminary design through structural engineering, preparation of shop drawings and continues on to material take-offs, project cost estimates and integration with industry suppliers. Not only is it a resource for Tilt-Up construction, Tilt-Werks is also an application that features a sophisticated user interface allowing all parties involved in the Tilt-Up design and construction process to benefit from real-time project updates, documentation and access to current project information. Other general features for this collaborative community include remote access, project data hosting, preservation of data, automatic application updates and security.

Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC was founded in 2005 by a group of structural engineers that have utilized the application engine of Tilt-Werks in their own internal setting for more than a decade. Understanding the way communication flows during the design and build process of a Tilt-Up project has allowed TDS to create a collaborative environment that addresses the issues of resource planning, document sharing and project communication.

“Tilt-Werks’ technology shortens the design and construction timeline, while helping to minimize potential bottlenecks by giving users direct access to real-time project data, as well as the ability to communicate directly with one another. Field-tested for 10 years on more than 30 million square feet of Tilt-Up construction, Tilt-Werks is a proven solution for streamlining all aspects of a Tilt-Up project,” said Joe Steinbicker, P.E., S.E., President, Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC.

Understanding the Software

Tilt-Werks organizes pertinent project information from conception to completion. The user-friendly interface is highly intuitive and easy to learn. Panels are designed after entering wall geometry and design requirements. The program then automatically generates detailed panel drawings including features such as reveals and form liners, weld plate locations and details, reinforcing steel design and shop drawings, bar cut lists, material takeoffs and much more – which can be shared with all project team members.

The interface also allows panel costs to be calculated for accurate estimates that take into account the unique requirements of Tilt-Up projects. Users enter their unique project material cost data and the application will generate per square foot costs. This information can then be exported to other estimating software for more extensive cost analysis. Tilt-Werks manages material lists and can share them instantly with suppliers for cost estimates and just in time takeoff information. Branded product material takeoffs for manufacturers and their distributors can be generated from the dimensional data entered at the beginning of the design process.

“Tilt-Werks allows project team members to communicate directly with one another, enabling all parties to collaborate throughout each phase of the project to ensure a seamless design and construction process,” said Reber. Automatic generation of documents, including drawing and material lists, helps processes like permitting and obtaining quotes from suppliers run smoothly. Because the technology is web-based, real-time project data can be obtained anywhere users have Internet access. Project data is hosted on a secure server, and backed up on a daily basis. Subscribers are not required to load software on their computer systems. Additionally, updates and enhancements are automatic.

Reber believes that in the next five years, the company’s method of designing and building all types of Tilt-Up will become the standard for the Tilt-Up industry.

TDS first introduced Tilt-Werks at the World of Concrete in February, with an official launch of the software scheduled for July 1.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact Reber at

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