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Safety Awards for the Tilt-Up Industry

The winners of the 2008 Alphonse Engelman Safety Awards for the Tilt-Up Industry have been announced, and will be presented at TCA’s Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the World of Concrete Feb. 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Alphonse Engelman Safety Award honors past president, board member and strong supporter of the Tilt-Up industry, Al Engelman. Engelman helped introduce this industry recognition program now honoring his contributions and dedication to improving the industry through its name. This program was developed to enhance the TCA’s overall mission to improve the industry through recognition and education, providing a new component emphasizing safety.

“The vision of the TCA Safety Committee is to educate contractors to the safety benefits of Tilt-Up, to recognize companies who put safe work practices in place and highlight the results of their efforts,” said Tim Neubauer, chair of the TCA Safety Committee. “As an industry, we are paving the way for other types of construction to follow our example. The TCA has increased attention and support of the safety process and we look forward to continued growth of our industry and the focus on safety.”

TCA Safety Awards Program was refined this year to better represent the diversity and size of the companies involved in TCA membership. This year’s program recognizes companies based on the following categories:

  • Best Tilt-Up Safety Achievement Award: recognizes the firms with the lowest incident rate in 2007 from each of six categories and less than an index of 1.0 (General Contractor or Tilt-Up Subcontractor; Hours <100K, 100 to 250K and >250K).
  • Zero Lost time Accident Achievement Award: provided to all submitting companies who achieved an incident rate of zero for 2007.
  • Certificates of Recognition awarded to any company whose incident rate fell below the national average for structural contractors, a number that was made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate given for 2007 was 5.4.
  • Certificates of Recognition awarded to any company whose incident rate improved from the previous year.

The winners of the 2008 TCA Safety Awards are:

Best Safety Achievement Award:

  • General Contractor (<100K) – Newcomb Construction Company, Inc.
  • General Contractor (>250K) – SB Ballard Construction Company
  • Tilt-Up Contractor (<100K) – Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc. & Neyer Construction, Inc.
  • Tilt-Up Contractor (>250K) – MK Concrete Construction

Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award:

  • Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc.
  • Newcomb Construction Company, Inc.
  • Neyer Construction, Inc.

Certificate of Recognition – Sub National Average:

  • Citadel Contractors, Inc.
  • MK Concrete Construction
  • Newcomb Construction Company, Inc.
  • Neyer Construction, Inc.
  • S.B. Ballard Construction Company
  • Seretta Construction, Inc.
  • The Barnhill Group, LLC

Certificate of Recognition – Improved Record:

  • Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc.
  • MK Concrete Construction
  • S.B. Ballard Construction Company
  • The Barnhill Group, LLC
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