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TCA Selects Recipients of 2007 Professional Achievement Awards

The recipients for the 2007 Professional Achievement Awards, selected by the Association’s Board of Directors after nomination by the general membership and recommendation by the TCA’s Awards Committee, are:

  • Robert E. Tobin formerly of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and Construction Technology Laboratories (CTL) for the Peter Courtois Memorial Award
  • Accubrace Shoring, LLC for the Robert Aiken Innovation Award
  • Charles van Eck of Tilt-Up Systems for the Murray Parker MemorialAward
  • Stephen Guest of RMW architecture & interiors for the Architectural Achievement Award
  • Alan Reay Consultants Ltd for the Engineering Achievement Award

Peter Courtois Memorial Award

This award honors Peter Courtois, who died in 1992 after serving as senior vice president of engineering for Dayton-Richmond Concrete Accessories (formerly Dayton-Superior Corporation). Courtois, an employee of Dayton-Richmond for 32 years, immeasurably contributed to the Tilt-Up industry through his tireless effort and dedication to several industry associations. He served on seven ACI committees, most notably the ACI-551 Tilt-Up Construction Committee. In addition, he was a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and served as the initial president of TCA, for which he was made an honorary member in 1991.

Tobin is a highly-respected, nationally-recognized authority in the concrete industry. His remarkable career spans 60 years and includes more than 28 years with the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and its consulting subsidiary, Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. Involved in the early days of Tilt-Up construction, Tobin spearheaded efforts in the development of methods for pumping concrete. Known as “Mr. Concrete” or “The Ultimate Concrete Technologist,” his practical approaches in the fields of evaluation, testing and the design of construction materials proved to be effective in the development of several new testing methodologies. A 50-year member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Tobin’s long list of research publications and presentations resulted in his receiving the ACI Watson Medal – the prestigious award is for significant contributions to the state of knowledge in the industry.

“During the development of the formal PCA manual, Tilt-Up Load Bearing Walls, and prior to it, Bob had come up with simplified methods that approximated the behavior of slender walls,” said Dr. Koladi Kripanarayanan, the 2005 recipient of the Peter Courtois award. “These methods helped in the understanding of the behavior and eventually to the commitment of PCA towards the development of the manual. He also helped in the marketing of the Tilt-Up methodology to the design profession.”

Robert Aiken Innovation Award

This award honors Robert Aiken – a founding father of Tilt-Up construction. Known for initiating a more architectural direction for Tilt-Up, Aiken is credited with the concept of casting panels face-up to provide a medium for developing craftsmanship in the construction method.

A leader in introducing the technology of using helical ground anchors in the Tilt-Up and precast wall construction industries, Accubrace Shoring has installed hundreds of thousands of helical ground anchors throughout the United States. Offering several benefits including rapid installation and ability to immediately load the ground anchor, engineered system with documented load capacity, outside placement of ground anchor braces for taller walls and many more, Accubrace was the clear choice for this year’s Robert Aiken Innovation Award.

”Every couple of years we are introduced to a product that breaks onto the market with the ability to radically shape the construction process,” states Jim Baty, TCA’s Technical Director. “The Accubrace Shoring methodology is certainly such a technology and has already proven to add labor savings and efficiency to the process of temporarily bracing the panel, which is paramount to the continuation of successful growth.”

Murray Parker Memorial Award

Named in honor of Murray Parker who died in 2000, this award was created to recognize a contractor who has significantly contributed to the Tilt-Up industry. Parker was regarded for his development and promotion of Tilt-Up throughout the industry, especially in the Atlantic Provinces region of Canada. As General Manager/Vice President of B.D. Stevens, Ltd. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Parker is credited with introducing Tilt-Up to an area of the world where many thought it was impossible to use the medium. His contributions and commitment to excellence helped the method gain credibility in the area and paved the way for future Tilt-Up projects.

Arguably the leading innovator in the field of Tilt-Up construction, Charles Van Eck of Tilt-Up Systems in South Africa has been instrumental in introducing Tilt-Up to a new market. He has embraced many key architectural designs that were nearly impossible to build with other construction methods and turned them into statements of creativity. A winner of three TCA Excellence in Achievement distinctions from the Achievement Awards competition in the past three years, he has taken every challenge that has come his way – whether it was a 3.2-million-square-foot shopping center or a series of 60- foot freestanding columns that create a monument to freedom. Van Eck and his company are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor as Tilt-Up continues its growth in popularity throughout the region.

Architectural and Engineering Achievement Awards

The TCA created the Architectural and Engineering Achievement Awards to recognize members of the Tilt-Up industry who are committed to pursuing design excellence and advancing the industry. The two recipients of these awards have continuously demonstrated their dedication to increasing awareness of the Tilt-Up method, as well as pursuing new concepts to aid the industry.

The recipient of the fourth Architectural Achievement Award, Stephen Guest of RMW architecture & interiors, has been one of the most visible architects in the western half of the United States for the past decade. His theories on Tilt-Up architecture have been presented at several Tilt-Up Conferences and Symposiums. He has been instrumental in helping to educate architects throughout the country on the possibilities of Tilt-Up. A winner of several TCA Achievement Awards, Guest has continued to expand beyond regional recognition to projects across the nation.

Another award winner who is committed to advancing the Tilt-Up industry is Alan Reay Consultants Ltd. of New Zealand. This firm is largely responsible for transforming Tilt-Up into a structural frame system by applying its two- dimensional casting efficiency. Alan Reay, the firm’s Director has consistently sought interaction with the best in the Tilt-Up industry and has brought the firm’s concepts to light through many TCA Conventions. Whether buttress elements along the nave of a church or structural panels supporting the clear span steel girders of a sports arena, the firm’s designs have transformed many traditional steel structures into timeless works of construction and engineering efficiency. The work of Alan Reay Consultants is known worldwide and has been honored with several TCA Achievement Awards.

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