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Craig Taylor

TKA+D Architecture + Design Inc

As Founder and President of TKA+D Architecture + Design, with over 40 years of experience, Craig has built an industry leading practice based on design excellence, technical excellence, and environmental sustainability.

Since establishing TKA+D, Craig has received awards for his work consistently each year since 2011. Early in his career, Craig was the recipient of both the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Medal and the Queensland Board of Architects Prize followed by many awards throughout his time in Australia. Craig has a proven ability to design buildings of high merit and great distinction while maintaining a pragmatic and rational approach to each project. He has chaired numerous Advisory Design Panels throughout the Greater Vancouver Region over the past 15 years. Craig is the current chair of the Vancouver Urban design Panel and is an advisor to Vancouver Development Permit board.

Craig & TKA+D are amongst North America’s leading Architects in the intensification of light industrial facilities and have been recognized with multiple industry awards for their work in this field. Most recently the Ironworks development in East Vancouver received one of ULI’s highest honors at their Global Awards ceremony in 2023. While being Industry leaders in industrial architecture, TKA+D has a diverse portfolio in residential, office, institutional, municipal, recreational and educational projects and has received awards for their work in each of these typologies.

Craig oversees the design direction of all TKA+D projects providing guidance throughout the design process. Craig has assembled a group of inspiring leaders with complementary skills and a common vision for architecture & design. He continues to lead by example, instilling his foundational design principles within a culture of humility & respect.

Photo of Craig Taylor

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