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Guillermo Valdez

Tilt Division Manager / Managing Partner
Suntec Concrete

Guillermo Valdez, the Tilt Division Manager / Managing Partner for Suntec Concrete, takes pride in everything he does. He always swells with a sense of pride when he sees the expression of satisfaction from his clients, as well as when he is leading his crew to victory! As the newest partner at Suntec, Guillermo has led the Tilt Division since 2012. He joined Suntec in 1999. In his role, he is involved in the pre-planning, scheduling, and oversight of all tilt projects. Not to mention, he’s responsible for supervising the entire tilt division, as well as the detailing and shakeout portion of each job.

One project of which Guillermo is especially proud is the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not only was it a much-anticipated attraction for the Valley, but it was also a challenging and complicated project, he says. “In the beginning, we met with the architects and shared our ideas on overcoming some of the design challenges at various stages of construction,” Guillermo recalls. “When the project was completed, you should have seen the look on the client's faces. That was a great sense of pride for everyone at Suntec.” Guillermo has also been a part of many of Suntec’s challenging projects, which include the Great Wolf Lodge, I-Fly, and all Amazon Distribution Centers.

Guillermo was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, and moved to Arizona in 1999. He and his wife, Adriana, have three boys. His favorite activities revolve around his family, he proudly says. Whether it’s taking them to the park, the ocean, or church. In addition to family, he loves to cook! And he’s quite good at it! “Cooking is my escape,” he says with a laugh.

The best business advice Guillermo has been given: “Do the best job possible. The project you deliver for the client will be there when you’re long gone, so be proud of what you build!” The best business advice he must share: “I run jobs sometimes with up to 90 workers. One thing I tell them is to build each building as if it was their own home. Be dedicated to your work. Even though what you do is time-consuming, ensure you have time to spend with your family. Enjoy life. It’s too short.”

Guillermo was elected to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association Board of Directors in 2020.

Photo of Guillermo Valdez

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