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Mark Scott

Managing Partner
Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Mark believes that a person a company or a product can almost always gain improvement from each and every interaction. The key to successful Innovation is listening hard and developing practical, efficient, solutions for your customers. Mark along with his brother Bill Scott, developed and patented the first brick inlay form liner used on a tilt wall project back in 1994, a Home Depot Store in Lakewood Colorado. They soon after formed a business in, Innovative Brick Systems, to advance this art of architectural concrete textures on tilt wall and other cast concrete structures. For the last 22 years Innovative Brick has been building on that first invention with multi patents related to the design and use of all types of architectural form liners.

Mark has a BS degree in Marine Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of South Florida. A degree that comes in handy in Boulder Colorado. These disciplines and love of learning have helped him navigate the business world by always using critical thought to solve problems and come up with efficient solutions for the many decisions a business owner makes each day. If one understands the four basic laws of physics, it’s easier to see the train wreck coming… and avoid it.

Photo of Mark Scott

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