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Better Together: Creating Connectivity in a Divided World [KEYNOTE]

October 5, 2022 from 9:00am to 10:00pm Mountain Standard Time

Colorado Convention Center - Mile High 1

Shae Birkey, MS, CSP

As humans, it’s in our nature to be connected to others who share a common purpose. How we live and work together is a critical link between leaders and employees, departments of an organization and members of cross-functional teams as they strive to create safe work cultures. The pandemic changed the way we interacted, lead and managed business. Physical separation also increased division in society between groups with different beliefs. In this session, you will learn how our biology and psychology shape how we perceive the world and how that influences connectedness or separation from others. With that understanding, you will better understand yourself and be equipped to build stronger connections with your teams. This thought-provoking keynote provides actionable takeaways to help you to work better together.


  • Understand that how we are wired as individuals creates a perception by others that has an impact on the function of our team/family/community.
  • Learn to think more like a scientist - being humble, curious, and open to discovery instead of pridefully putting up barriers around your intuitions.
  • Discover how creating a culture of psychological safety benefits an organization with a diversity of thought, creativity, and ability.

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