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Dazzling Array of Architectural Treatments Using Formliners and Color Stains

September 28, 2019 from 7:00am to 8:00am

Marquis Ballroom D

Dave Ellis

The design and construction industries are starting to take notice of the significant benefits realized when one uses tilt-up concrete with formliners and colored stains. Owners and builders are enjoying savings in cost and time, as prefabricated tilt-up panels with architectural finishes can be supplied considerably faster than traditional alternatives. This session will explain why many architects and designers are preferring the tilt-up methods that use formliners and colored stains. We will discuss the increased flexibility, vivid colors, and the higher level of quality control that can be achieved. High-end building owners, developers, and others are seeing the many benefits of using stains and formliners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of tilt-up concrete.