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Recruit and Retain Young Talent Through Social Impact

September 17, 2021 from 7:00am to 8:00am Central Standard Time

Hyatt Regency 4th Floor - Park View

Keith Cobell

Finding and retaining young talent is vital for your company’s future. Many of those new to the industry are looking for meaningful ways to use their skills and experience to make a positive difference in the world. Companies that give their young leaders opportunities to pursue their passion for doing good will be more likely to build leaders that stay engaged and stay committed.

Extollo International is a social impact company that will be the “first-mover” of tilt-up construction technology in Haiti. Extollo is developing a panelized tilt-up house product to significantly disrupt the current housing market in Haiti, led by Sherm Balch (The Peter Coutois Memorial Award recipient and past TCA President). Through its tilt-up operations, Extollo has plans to train hundreds of Haitian construction professionals in tilt-up construction, along with sharing its tilt-up expertise with construction companies in Haiti through an open-source approach.


  • Explore how engaging younger talent through a “Peace Corps” type experience can build employee skills, culture, and loyalty. Vision: a 2-3 week opportunity for existing professionals/crew members in TCA organizations to travel to Haiti and contribute to the training and learning in Haiti.
  • Learn how a service / give-back experience can be a powerful recruitment tool for high school and trade school graduates. Vision: 3-12 week opportunities for high school or trade school graduates to develop skills, and proven competency, in tilt-up construction that TCA companies would then put these young leaders fully on payroll when they return. Graduates would be promoted to this opportunity at job fairs and other recruitment events/platforms.

Extollo president, Keith Cobell, sharing updates from their campus in Haiti.

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