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A Practical and Reliable Means to Polished Concrete Walls

December 11, 2019 from 4:00pm to 4:30pm US Mountain Standard Time

Barclay Gebel, FTCA

Polished concrete is a beautiful, durable, low maintenance finish. Until lately it has been limited to horizontal surfaces. Past attempts at vertical applications have often failed to match the consistency and quality clients are used to in floors. Today, the tilt-up construction method is proving to be an efficient and reliable means to high-quality polished concrete walls. This presentation will feature two St. Louis area projects, the expansion of the Saint Louis Art Museum and Pfizer Bioplace, employing the tilt-up building system to deliver stunning wall panels. Barclay Gebel, vice president of field operations for Concrete Strategies will discuss each projects’ approach including mix design, polishing process and equipment, lifting and bracing, finishing and more. He will also highlight the benefits of tilt-up that make this finish practical.

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