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Buildings Tour

September 16, 2021 from 11:00am to 3:00pm Central Standard Time

More information coming soon!

Registered Attendees

The following individuals are registered for this session. If you are not currently registered and would like to add this event to your registration, please contact jbarr1@tilt-up.org or call the TCA at (319) 895-6911. Space is limited.

Al Juarez - Helix Steel

Amy Luchun - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Andrew J. Feeser - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Anna Ernst - Helix Steel

Ben Brovont - Procon, Inc.

Ben Meland - Valor Contracting LLC

Ben Zimmerman - Procon, Inc.

Bill Gnagey - ARIUM | AE

Bill Tallon - Wharton Hardware and Supply

Boone Snider - Caddell Construction Co LLC

Bradly Fassett - Dayton Superior Corporation

Carl Fiesinger - Hughes General Contractors

Caskey Hunt - Procon, Inc.

Christopher Webb - Hughes General Contractors

Dan Pratt - Hughes General Contractors

Daniel Masten - Hughes General Contractors

Darian St Michael - Hughes General Contractors

Dave Fillinger - Dayton Superior Corporation

David Cox - Hughes General Contractors

David Tomasula - LJB Inc.

Dominic Mirizzi - SMBH, Inc.

Donald B. Smith - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Erik Spicker - LJB Inc.

Gary Fischer - Woodland Tilt-Up

Gary Tyler - Hughes General Contractors

Greg Smith - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Ian Jacobson - McFadden and Miller

Jeff Snyder - Valtec Group LLC

Jennifer Whitacre - Connect-EZ

Jesse Gaitan - Nox-Crete Inc.

Joe Feeley - Connect-EZ

John Paesano - White Cap

Jon Alberson - Means & Methods Engineers Inc

Katt Price - schaefer

Kenneth Perez - Wharton Hardware and Supply

Kevin Melvin - Endicott

Kimberly Corwin - New Chapter, LLC

Lori Reid - Nox-Crete Inc.

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Michael Gullickson - Valor Contracting LLC

Mitch McCaulley - Nox-Crete Inc.

Niklas Derungs - Caddell Construction Co LLC

Philip Kopf - Kopf Consulting Group, Inc.

Remington Guilliams - Procon, Inc.

Richard Phifer - PES Structural Engineers

Robert Foley - Connect-EZ

Ryan Fronick - ANSWERS Inc

Sean Wonderlich - Needham DBS

Shane Harris AIA - RGA Architects, Inc.

Shane Walters - Dayton Superior Corporation

Shawn McNamara - Dayton Superior Corporation

Stephen Hilger - 360 Engineering

Terry Tincher - Connect-EZ

Travis Davis - Hughes General Contractors

Tyler Evans - Hughes General Contractors

Vern Latham - Hughes General Contractors