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Time and Cost Savings in Tilt-Up Panel Construction Through Improved Slab Techniques

October 10, 2024 from 7:00am to 8:00am US Mountain Standard Time

Dave Flax

This seminar is dedicated to strategies for achieving higher-quality tilt-up panels by focusing on the foundational aspects of floor slab construction. We'll delve into how using concrete with reduced shrinkage for slabs results in fewer instances of cracking and curling, ensuring these common issues do not affect the panels. By addressing the root causes of panel defects at the slab level, we can achieve surfaces with fewer cracks and blemishes. The session will also cover approaches to panel repairs if necessary, discuss slab joints, and introduce panel grouting techniques. Featuring a wealth of photographs and concluding with an extensive Q&A period, this seminar provides a comprehensive overview for those seeking to minimize the need for panel touch-ups through better slab construction practices.


  • Enhancing slab construction to improve the aesthetics of tilt-up panels.
  • Techniques for producing tilt-up panels with minimal cracks and blemishes.
  • Effective repair methods for tilt-up panels as needed.
  • Estimating the time and cost savings achievable through reduced panel repairs.

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