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Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement Solutions for Concrete Cracking

September 21, 2018 from 10:30am to 11:30am Central Standard Time

Dallas Ballroom A3

Dan Vojtko

Everyone knows that concrete is prone to cracking.  However, there are multiple causes of cracking, from plastic, settlement and drying shrinkage to load induced causes.  Each of these cracking types should be understood in order to choose the most appropriate solutions.

Synthetic fibers provide an effective crack control solution for a variety of concrete construction applications and are gaining industry acceptance as a secondary reinforcement alternative to traditional welded wire mesh and light gauge bar.

As synthetic fiber usage grows in concrete construction, the strengths and limitations of their use must be understood. Not all fibers are created equal. The appropriate choice of fiber type is application-dependent.  

This presentation will provide an introduction into synthetic fiber use in concrete, the differences between synthetic fiber types, how fiber crack control performance is quantified and the benefits that fiber use can bring to a Contractor.