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Atlanta Food Tour

September 28, 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Load trolley at Courtland St. Driveway located on the International Level

The trolley will depart at 5pm! Experience some of the city’s best food and drinks in a guided tour through one of Atlanta’s oldest and most artistic neighborhoods, Castleberry Hill. Here, you will get 12 hearty tastings at three restaurants, two alcoholic drinks, and a mouthwatering array of specialty desserts that have been featured on the Food Network.

Learn about Dr. King’s love of food and the scandalous history of Castleberry Hill, visit “the unofficial headquarters of the Civil Rights Movement,” and try moonshine and barbecue at one of the city’s hottest barbecue joints. This tour lasts approximately two and a half hours.  

Registered Attendees

The following individuals are registered for this session. If you are not currently registered and would like to add this event to your registration, please contact jbarr1@tilt-up.org or call the TCA at (319) 895-6911. Space is limited.

Angie Scruggs - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Chris Opiak - Southland Concrete

Dave Ellis - Nawkaw Corporation

David Dreher - Randall-Paulson Architects

David Krogh - Randall-Paulson Architects

Jacob Reuter and 1 guest - American Contractors Supply

John Martin - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

John R. Ashbaugh PE - schaefer

Juan Cabrera - Southland Concrete

Justin Stakes - Nawkaw Corporation

Karym Rodriguez - TAS Commercial Concrete

Katt Price - schaefer

Layne Chastain - US Formliner

Lindsey Bloomquist - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Max Lopez - Southland Concrete

Paul Joyner - Southland Concrete

Paul Killion - T Gerding Construction Co.

Rick Galloway and 1 guest - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Rick McElveen - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Ronda Gilbert - US Formliner

Rosi Dixon - Nawkaw Corporation

Scott Partridge - T Gerding Construction Co.

Shane Harris AIA - RGA Architects, Inc.