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Tilt-Up Expo – Saving Time, Money and Lives

October 6, 2020 from 11:30am to 1:30pm Central Standard Time

Expo Hall

Many technology companies are invested in helping you save time and money while keeping your employees safe. Be sure to visit with these experts and learn how they can make an impact on your jobsite tomorrow.

CONNECT-EZ | Booth A12
Connect-EZ Products move critical welding from the field to the fabrication shop. Why?  Welding of critical connections at the job site can be of inconsistent quality and difficult to inspect. Shop welding, in a controlled environment with quality control procedures and inspections, ensures welded components meet the strictest specifications. With no welding required on site, the speed of installation is increased, reducing labor dollars and increasing productivity. The Construction Industry is facing a skilled labor shortage, ie: welders. Connect-EZ products provide confidence and reduce the need for on-site skilled labor.

Efficient, cost-effective & accurate – Tilt-Werks is your software solution. In today’s competitive environment, finding new solutions that save time, money and ensure accuracy is crucial for concrete contractors. Tilt-Werks by Dayton Superior is one of those solutions. This sophisticated tilt-up software system is used to develop complete tilt-up project design and construction documents. Generating the Building Information Modeling (BIM) data allows an accurate bill of materials and cost information…learn more in Booth B32 and attend our live demonstrations daily from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

GLUDOWN, INC | Booth A11
Time: A benefit of Tilt-Up construction is speed. However, some contractors slow process by attaching materials by drilling and nailing. On average it takes 30 seconds to drill and nail one hole. In that time, you can attach an 8-foot section of reveal using adhesives.

Money: The total time savings can be days to weeks depending on project size. Reducing labor costs from carpenters to project managers.

Lives: Silica dust from drilling is one of the major health issues in construction. Our 100% solid WeatherGrip Adhesive is an excellent alternative with high bond strength and the ability to cure underwater.

How would your project look if 50% of rebar in tilt panels and 100% of rebar/mesh in casting slabs and brace footings were replaced with Helix 5-25 that is already mixed into the concrete? From what our customers have told us, timelines can be improved by up to 25% while drastically reducing placement errors and improving the strength and durability of each panel.Curious on what your design or project could look like? Stop over to Booth C36 to discuss how labor and time can be reduced while increasing strength and efficiency on site.

MAKITA | Booth B41
EFFICIENCY: Makita has the biggest cordless tool platform in the industry so users benefit from the efficiency of managing just ONE battery platform.

TIME SAVINGS: Our cordless rebar tier is a massive time saver; whether you’re a journeyman or an apprentice, this takes a hand-tying process and speeds it up to just a couple seconds per tie. 

MONEY SAVINGS: Our cordless power cutter frees contractors from the hassles and expense of gas.

WORKER WELFARE: Makita concrete tools (hammers, surfacing, angle grinders, demolition, drilling) have dust extraction attachments and accessories that are OSHA compliant, which is a big plus for worker welfare (and for contractors who want to be compliant and avoid OSHA enforcement).

MAX USA | Booth C35
The MAX TwinTiers are conservatively 5 times faster than hand tying rebar. With an approximate tying speed of less than a 1/2 sec. MAX TwinTiers reduce the time spent tying, consequently reducing the man hours necessary to complete a job. The repetitive motion used in manually tying rebar predisposes reinforcing ironworkers to the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders to upper extremities (i.e. wrists, hands, fingers, and shoulders) and lower extremities (i.e. knees, ankles, feet and back). A study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) concluded that the use of battery powered tiers reduces the risk of developing hand, wrist or elbow disorders.

Needham DBS not only offers specialty engineering for tilt-up panels, we also offer panel layout detailing services to save time and money. Projects seem to come faster and faster and contractors want to get the most out of their labor force. Contractors take on a huge risk to decipher multiple sets of drawings while standing over formwork. Needham DBS provides panel detailing with cumulative dimensioning. Your layout crew doesn’t have to do math in the field or reset the tape with every dimension string. Visit booth at A31 to speak to our engineers and/or detailers about your next project.

The Expo Hall can be found by clicking the GO TO menu in the top left corner of your screen inside The Aggregate. Once there, you will be able to explore dozens of exhibits featuring the latest and greatest tilt-up technology.