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Densifier and Bondbreaker: Managing Expectations

September 18, 2021 from 10:30am to 11:30am Central Standard Time

Hyatt Regency 4th Floor - Grand F-H

Derick Rainey

As we all know, accelerated schedules and the search for the newest and best processes have influenced the somewhat recent trend of applying a liquid floor hardener (densifier) immediately after slab finishing as a “cure coat”, then subsequently applying bondbreaker in the panel areas. As with everything, this simplified and expedient process comes with trade-offs. This session will explore ASTM C309 and how it pertains to industrial floor slabs, how concrete hydrates, how liquid floor hardeners work, and how they interact with and affect that hydration process. We will also cover reactive bondbreaker functionality and how applying it on top of liquid floor hardeners comes with its own set of possible issues to be aware of. Product compatibility, proper timing, and expected results will be discussed, as well. This discussion should leave the attendee able to make a more well-informed decision about the sequence of application they wish to choose on their next project by weighing the pros and cons of each course as it pertains to densifier and bondbreaker.


  • Understand how liquid floor hardeners interact with fresh concrete and how early application affects their results.
  • Understand how reactive bondbreakers work and how they are affected by being applied over liquid floor hardener.
  • Understand the importance of product compatibility.
  • Be able to make more informed decisions about application sequencing.

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