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An Introduction to Color Mineral Stains

June 23, 2021 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm Central Standard Time

Dave Ellis

The focus of this discussion will surround environmentally friendly color solutions for tilt-up panels and will feature the following topics. Color Challenges - A discussion with experts on the common color issues that occur when working with smooth tilt-up and form lined concrete. Coloring Concrete - A discussion on the differences between mineral stain, latex paint, and integral color, and how each are able to solve the color challenges mentioned in the previous topic. Color in Sustainability - Utilizing color as a means to help architects achieve net-zero carbon emissions as a part of the AIA 2030 initiative. Color in Replication - Utilizing the strengths of color as well as form lined and tilt up concrete to replicate other building materials including stone, wood and brick. Color in Longevity - Utilizing color solutions as a means to reduce property maintenance and preserve the architectural legacy of designers.