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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Tilt-Up Construction with Portland-Limestone Cement

September 17, 2021 from 7:00am to 8:00am Central Standard Time

Hyatt Regency 4th Floor - Grand F-H

Jamie Farny

With a growing interest in sustainability, the construction industry is looking for solutions to help reduce its carbon footprint. Portland-limestone cement, or PLC, is a greener cement option designed to do just that. This program will cover important aspects of modifying mix designs to include PLCs, how fresh and hardened concrete properties are impacted by their use, and point to resources that can help designers (such as architects, engineers, and specifiers) incorporate PLC into their projects. Participants will be introduced to www.greenercement.com, a website that brings together many resources to educate users about PLCs.


  • Understand the potential savings in CO2 footprint when using PLC to make concrete and explain how that is achieved.
  • State the replacement level and how to modify mix designs when swapping in PLC for OPC.
  • State how supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) contents are affected by using PLC.
  • Describe how PLC affects fresh and hardened concrete properties relative to OPC concrete.

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