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Session 1: Fabrication

May 16, 2022 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm Central Standard Time

Edlis Neeson Theater

Tsz Yan Ng

Patrick Bedarf

Session 1 will consist of three talks concerning ideas and technologies related to fabrication techniques. These talks will be followed by a panel discussion reflecting on their potential impact.

Alternative Forming | Forming Alternatives - innovations in concrete forming
The presentation centers on alternative methods of concrete forming, leveraging advanced technologies to develop novel concrete forming techniques for building. This includes rethinking materials and processes for formwork production, unique opportunities for design applications, and manufacture of building systems that are more environmentally friendly. The title underscores that innovations in processes for concrete forming could inform alternative designs, especially those that incorporate climate-based imperatives. The projects highlighted include textile GFRC casting, concrete 3D printing, and employing CNC knitting technology for casting.

Reinventing Formwork with Foam 3D Printing
Fabricating complex formwork shapes for concrete casting is economically and ecologically challenging. This talk presents an overview of research that combines advances in large-scale additive manufacturing and material innovation. The novel field of foam 3D printing (F3DP) allows to create intricate elements in an automated and waste-free process that can be used to cast concrete structures that use less material, are lighter, and feature added insulation performance.

Image by Patrick Bedarf.

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