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Tilting Up Not Out (A Multi-Level Industrial Perspective)

October 10, 2024 from 10:00am to 11:00am Mountain Standard Time

Craig Taylor

As land prices are skyrocketing in urban areas and the need for light industrial space close to city centers is increasing, multi-level industrial development is emerging as a prevalent new building typology. The economies of going up rather than spreading out are starting to make sense and the stacking of light industrial uses bring a new and exciting challenge to industrial developers, designers and constructors. As recipient of the 2023 Global Urban Land Institutes award for the multi-level industrial project “Ironworks” numerous tilt up association, NAIOP and Uban Development Institute awards, Craig Taylor, President & Founder of TKA+D Architecture and design will talk about the role tilt-up construction has played in the evolution of this unique building type. As Chair of the Vancouver Urban Design Panel, Craig brings a professional perspective from an urban design and aesthetic perspective in how these projects contribute to the urban fabric and revitalization of inner-city industrial areas. In addition, Craig’s practice is one of the leading designers of tilt-up light industrial facilities in British Columbia which brings a pragmatic and function perspective to the table and will share some of the technical challenges and opportunities that going up, not out can bring.


  • Learn how to determine when it make sense to go up rather than out.
  • Learn when tilt-up construction is the best construction system to go up….and when it’s not.
  • Learn the programmatic and technical requirements for going up compared with going out
  • Learn the Urban design benefits of bringing light industrial uses back into urban centres and how can these developments contribute positively to urban renewal and social regeneration.

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