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Repairing Cracks With Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

October 11, 2024 from 7:00am to 8:00am US Mountain Standard Time

Marge Kaminski

This seminar will cover the history of carbon fiber and its applications in modern construction, focusing on crack repair. It will explore different types of carbon fiber reinforcement, such as straps, staples, grids, and stitching dogs or rods, and discuss their appropriate uses. Attendees will learn about the reasons behind the growing use of carbon fiber today, the best types of reinforcement for crack repair, the importance of directional placement (unidirectional versus bidirectional fabrics), and the overall advantages of carbon fiber.


  • Understand the history and development of carbon fiber in construction.
  • Identify different types of carbon fiber reinforcement and their uses.
  • Determine the best type of reinforcement for various crack repair scenarios.
  • Compare unidirectional and bidirectional fabrics and their applications.

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