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Tilt-Up Panel Temporary Bracing: Practices and Guidelines

September 17, 2021 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Central Standard Time

Hyatt Regency 4th Floor - Grand F-H

Dillon Engelland, EI

Travis Jennings, P.E.

As tilt-up becomes a more economical construction option for a variety of industries, it is important to discuss the temporary bracing of tilt-up panels as they continue to grow in size. This program will highlight the basics of temporary bracing and types of brace anchorage, showcase research and design practices, and call attention to real world applications and potential pitfalls. This presentation is essential to emphasize the importance of safe construction practices regarding temporary bracing as the tilt-up industry continues to grow.


  • Outline the basics of temporary bracing and anchorage.
  • Review slab-on-grade brace anchorage research.
  • Discuss general engineering design and analysis of temporary bracing.
  • Analyze real world applications and pitfalls through case studies.

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