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Florida Tilt-Up

Selected Tilt-Up projects in Florida

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Galaxy Elementary School
Boyton Beach, FL|Floor area: 120,200 sq ft
Tags: Educational2015 TCA awardsTCA LEED Project
Lee Vista Lakeside Building 4
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 118,639 sq ft
Tags: Office
Lee Vista Lakeside Building 3
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 118,638 sq ft
Tags: Office
Lee Vista Lakeside Building 2
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 118,637 sq ft
Tags: Office
Lee Vista Lakeside Building 1
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 118,636 sq ft
Tags: Office
Southpark 1400
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 118,208 sq ft
Tags: Office2008 TCA awards
Miami, FL|Floor area: 115,200 sq ft
Tags: Manufacturing/Industrial
Centerpoint II Office Bldg.
Altamonte Springs, FL|Floor area: 114,000 sq ft
Tags: Office
Cornerstone II
Plantation, FL|Floor area: 113,700 sq ft
Tags: Office2006 TCA awards
Connextions Consumer Solutions
Orlando, FL|Floor area: 113,689 sq ft
Tags: Office
Mosaic Florida Operations Center
Lithia, FL|Floor area: 113,600 sq ft
Tags: Office2010 TCA awards
Hamilton Harbor Boathouse
Naples, FL|Floor area: 113,561 sq ft
Tags: Commercial
Elementary School A (Discovery School)
Sunrise, FL|Floor area: 112,636 sq ft
Tags: Educational
Kraft Headquarters
Naples, FL|Floor area: 111,134 sq ft
Tags: Warehouse/Distribution2008 TCA awards
Port St. Lucie Civic Center
Port Saint Lucie, FL|Floor area: 110,000 sq ft
Tags: Municipal

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Founded in 1986, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) strives to improve the quality and acceptance of site-cast Tilt-Up construction, a method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place. Tilt-Up construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, combining the advantages of reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction and minimal capital investment. At least 10,000 buildings, enclosing more than 650 million square feet, are constructed each year using this construction method.

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